November 18-22, 2024

Wet intensive course

Multicolor flow cytometry is a very powerful tool that allows an increasingly detailed characterization of cell populations. However, the quality of the analyses largely depends on the correct design of the antibody panel, the correct preparation and setting of the instrument, the accuracy of sample handling in the pre-analytical steps, and the rigor of the analytical approach employed for the analysis of results.
Hence, the need to provide people who use multicolor flow cytometry with the necessary skills to deal with its complexity.
This course aims to provide participants with: i) a theoretical explanation of the basics of multicolor flow cytometry; ii) individual activity in the laboratory for sample preparation; iii) individual activity at the flow cytometer for instrument setting operations and sample acquisition; iv) individual activity in the computer room for the analysis of cytofluorimetric data using traditional manual gating and unsupervised computational analysis tools; v) collective discussion of cases and troubleshooting, to acquire ability in managing and solving frequent problems encountered during the use of this technology.

The course will be limited to 6 participants, to provide an intensive individual training under the personalized guidance of tutors.

Participants will be contacted in advance to discuss specific interests and tailor the course accordingly.

Number of participants: 6


Dipartimento di Biotecnologie mediche e medicina traslazionale – c/o LITA
via Fratelli Cervi 93
20090 Segrate (MI)

Referents and contacts:

Prof. Domenico Mavilio – Prof.ssa Silvia Della Bella



Admission application:

Available from July 20 th to September 30 th , 2024; selected participants will be notified and will have to finalize their application within October 15 th , 2024.
Participants will be contacted in advance to discuss specific interests and tailor the course accordingly.

Registration fee:

1216,00 € VAT excluded

The registration fee includes:

  • access to labs and informatics rooms
  • insurance fee
  • consumables for all the experiments
  • individual tutoring
  • lunches from Monday to Friday
  • social dinner on Wednesday evening

On request, travel and hotel reservation can be managed by Materia Prima. If interested, please refer to to receive a quotation.

Application: accessible from July 20 to September 30, 2024, with subsequent selection of participants and registration by October 15, 2024.